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10 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

“God will never give you more than you can handle”

The reality is that it’s actually the opposite because God continually gives us more than we can handle. The reason for this is so that we would lean on God as our good and gracious Father.

Everything happens for a reason

A phrase that Christians use to comfort themselves or others. Even if that phrase is theologically correct, it can be deeply offensive to people who are suffering or mourning.

“Take 60 seconds and greet your neighbor”

This saying usually occurs during worship services and its intent is to make visitors feel welcome. Well, it probably does the opposite and can come across as forced and awkward. Of course loving our neighbor is important, but it’s better done in other settings where relationships are developed more naturally.

”I covet your prayers”

Can’t we just say “I need your prayers” or “I want your prayers”?  It’s weird to use a biblical term that is normally treated as a sin as if we are “lusting” after someone’s prayers. That is just creepy and weird.

You must be blessed with the gift of singleness”

This is the last thing a single person wants to hear. Maybe that person doesn’t want to be single! Don’t insist it’s a ‘gift’ or a calling for someone else.

“I need to love on some kids”

This saying may be the most awkward one on the list and it’s usually stated by student pastors who desire to invest in the lives of students.

I’ll pray about it

Sometimes when you’re talking to a friend, and you want to say no, but instead you say, “well I’ll pray about it.” If you’re really going to pray about it, well that is awesome! But if you’re just using the phrase as a passive “no”, then that’s a problem! Just say “no.”

”Jesus is my co-pilot”

This phrase is borderline heresy. Jesus is the sole pilot and we are way back in the cabin area of the plane.  Without the pilot, we die Therefore, we are wise to heed to God’s goodness and wisdom as He directs our lives.

”God helps those who help themselves”

According to the scripture, this is not true! God gives grace to the humble, needy, broken-hearted. So saying “God helps those who help themselves” is actually putting a barrier from what God says is true. God helps everyone who wants to receive from Him.

“You just need to forgive yourself”

Nobody likes living in shame over sinful actions they have committed, and well-meaning friends may exhort that person that it’s important to forgive oneself in order to move on.  What is far better is realizing that God in Christ’s life, death, and resurrection has already forgiven yo. His forgiveness is the one that ultimately matters! God is the highest authority, not you.

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