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12-year-old builds a LEGO wheelchair for a disabled puppy and gives her a new lease of life! (With Video)

Children should be taught to share love from an early age. Although he is a small boy, We believe that his heart is big!

He gave a new life to this poor dog with only two legs. With his own enthusiasm and effort, he made a wheelchair for the puppy to the best of his ability and won the love of people all over the world.

This little dog named Gracie was born missing her front legs. So life was not so kind to her!

Not only that, but this unfortunate cub was abandoned by her owners shortly after birth. Why is fate so cruel?

But luckily, the Turley family welcomed her with love. Moreover, they decided to bring the cub to their home and give her the best possible life.

No matter what life Gracie went through, they took care of her and gave her the love she needed no less. Although they didn’t know, they tried to prevent Gracie from hurting because of the loss of both legs.

But within a short period of time, the Dylan boy came forward for them. He volunteered and really helped them.

The boy built the stroller out of LEGOs to help Gracie walk like other dogs.

Thanks to the kind hearted boy! Now Gracie has a new life and she is very happy!

Tammy Turley said Gracie found it a little difficult at first. However, after a while she got used to it.

Video – YouTube

According to, Animaland

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