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A 5-year-old boy goes to the grave of his twin brother to tell him about his first day of school. He still dreams of his twin brother.

Walker Myrick and his twin brother, Willis Myrick, were meant to be born alive and together. “Twin to twin transfusion syndrome” made it so Willis couldn’t live. Even though he was still in the womb, he died because of this illness.

Even though Willis is no longer alive, their mother, Brooke Davis, said that Walker seems to have a strange connection with his dead brother.

Walker had dreams about his twin brother Willis all the time, so he went to see where Willis was buried. Walker would tell his brother, who had already died, what was going on in his life. His mother sometimes took pictures of him doing this.

In 2012, when Walker was nine years old and started Playschool, a very touching picture was made. He sat down on the grave of his brother and told him all about his first day at Playschool.

Walker himself revealed this to his twin brother in a 2016 video that was taken on Christmas. Walker said that he still thinks about his brother and keeps an eye on him.

Even so, what the whole family went through when Willis died was still very shocking. So, their mom chose to do something, turning her worry into a smart way to solve the problem.

“The Walker and Willis Birthday Walk” is nowadays organised each year for fund-raise. The aim comprises rising alertness of “twin to twin transfusion syndrome” and contributing $2,500 annually to the “twin to twin transfusion syndrome” Foundation.





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