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A baby gorilla has a unique human-like pigment patch on its finger!

Some animals are born more special than others. You probably know a lot of people or animals born with such unique characteristics. They really stand out from the crowd.

But sometimes this difference can bring them disadvantages. This is because they are easily detected by predators or because of their difficulty in adapting to the natural environment.

So the baby gorilla in this story is also born unique from other animals of their species. She has a human-like pigment on her finger. It’s understandable considering that humans and gorillas are quite closely related. Both humans and gorillas have fingerprints and toeprints, and fingernails and toenails.

Many people believe that this cute baby gorilla is suffering from vitiligo, a long-term skin disease characterized by the loss of skin pigment.

But of course it is not! The cub currently lives at Zoo Atlanta, where staff said she was born with the distinctive finger patch. Also, they thought it was just a cool birthmark because the patch never changed over the years.

Interesting that the baby gorilla is such a cute and adorable girl!

Zoo staff added that she is often seen barking at her mother and others to get a prime spot for food and juice.

She is playful and quite mischievous.

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