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A Baby Koala Hugs It’s Unconscious Mom!

Animals feel more than some people do.❤❤

photo right to the original owner

A baby’s mother is the most important thing in the world to them. This picture is very emotional!
This mother koala’s name is Lizzy. She was hit by a car in Australia, which caused her lung and her face to get hurt. The kind people took her to the emergency room right away.

photo right to the original owner

Her baby son, Phantom, was unhurt, and because he was so young, the staff decided that he should stay with his mother.

He was so scared and confused when he saw his mother unconscious that all he could do for her was give her a tight hug.

Phantom stayed with Lizzy during her checkup and treatment and kept hugging her. His hugs helped.

photo right to the original owner

Lizzy will be fine soon. The surgery went well. They are heading home.

The love of a mother is truly precious. When the people at the veterinary school saw what happened, it made them cry.

photo right to the original owner

So sweet… I hope Mama Bear is doing fine now.

Beautiful and a little sad because the baby doesn’t know what’s going on with mom. It must have been nice to see everyone hugging Mom when she woke up from the surgery. Hopefully, all went well.

photo right to the original owner

God bless their beautiful souls.🌹❤🙏




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