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A baby seal pokes its head out of its hole to call for help from humans after getting stuck in rocks!

A group of people were walking along a beach on St Mary’s Island in Whitley Bay, North Tyneside, England when they saw something. Stopping by, they saw a beautiful baby seal poking its head out of a hole.

At first they thought she was chilling on the rocks for a while. But in the end they realized that it was not so. It was clear that she was stuck between the rocks and could not get out.

They immediately came to her aid. They reported this to St. Mary’s Seal Watch and wildlife volunteers went to rescue her. Volunteers who arrived at the scene assumed that had become trapped while trying to cross the rocks.

“Normally when seals appear stuck, they will manage to get themselves out, but this poor thing was well and truly trapped,” St. Mary’s Seal Watch wrote on Facebook.

Little Mudra watched patiently as everyone helped her. However, as a result of successful efforts, they were finally able to lift her out of the hole and carry her to safety.

They wrapped her face with a towel to reduce stress and to prevent it biting. “We couldn’t just pull [her] out as this could result in injury to either the seal or us,” the rescue wrote.

Fortunately, the rescuers quickly checked on her and made sure she was not seriously injured.

“Luckily this little one was spotted early and with volunteers on site we were able to rescue it swiftly,” the rescue wrote.

After all was well, they released her back into the sea.

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