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A Beautiful Waterbird With Unique Feet That Look Like Feathers!

The world of birds is really beautiful! Diverse! This is about the unique bird you’ve never heard of, Coots! The American coot, or mud hen, is a medium-sized bird with characteristics of both a hen and a duck.

These coots tend to walk on land like a chicken and swim like a duck in water. Although they occasionally visit land, they spend most of their time swimming in the water.

The American Coot is a migratory bird that occupies most of North America.

During the summer breeding season, they occur in the northern United States in New York and Massachusetts and southern Canada.

In winter, they can be found in the southern United States from Florida to California.

They are often found in garden lakes, ponds, open marshes, and slow-moving rivers. These birds are easily recognized by their plump dark body, small head, slender legs, white wedge-shaped bills and red eyes.

Most notably, they are known for their unique feet that look like feathers.

The Sandhill Crane and Rails are their closest relatives. American coots eat primarily aquatic plants, but they do not lead an exclusively vegetarian life.

They also love to eat beetles, dragonflies and other insects.

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