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A biker, rescues an innocent dog from highway abuse and hires him as his new co-pilot!

On Valentine’s Day, people usually show their love to each other. It will not matter by whom. That’s because anyone loves love.

One day, Randon Turnbow was riding his motorcycle on Highway 171 in Texas. Meanwhile, he noticed something. A man who brutally beats a small puppy!

Turnbow was surprised, and decided to drag the man out and talk to him. But before he could say anything, the man threw the helpless dog over the curb, And leaving Turnbow and the shivering puppy behind.

But Turnbow sprang into action immediately, fearing the dog would run into oncoming traffic. But it was not so. He approached the dog, hoping the dog would believe him. Fortunately, the dog recognized Turnbow’s kindness and lay down on his lap! Poor sinner!

Turnbow knew he couldn’t leave this puppy alone!

With the puppy in his pocket, he decided to take him to meet his father. After returning home, he posted this story on Facebook.

“I have a CC pilot now – please welcome Mr. Davidson.”

Turnbow gave the pup so much love and care that The dog is named after his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Harley also loves motorcycles!

Fate finds them together in unconditional love. Nothing can break this amazing love!!!

Thank you for rescuing this innocent poor wild dog. You are truly a beautiful, kind and caring soul.

God bless you both!!!

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According to, Lexnau

(Photo right to original owner)



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