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A Cute 4-day-old Baby Flamingo Is Trying Hard To Act Like An Adult! (With Video)

When you think of flamingos, the first thing you think of is majestic looking birds with a adorable grace that is quite difficult to balance. But these birds are quite clumsy when young. But they try to act like an adult even at a young age.

So is this baby. It’s 4 days old and caught on camera desperately trying to be an adult. But as it turns out, the task is not easy. The cute baby flamingo’s attempt fails.

This baby flamingo is a permanent resident at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and was caught on camera trying to stand on one leg like the adults. But, the little cub fails cutely.

The adorable photo of the baby flamingo was initially requested online after the national bird shared it on Facebook. “National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!,” According to headline.

Robin Weber, a staff member at the National Aviary, explained to Bored Panda: “We all go through a bit of an ‘awkward stage’ and flamingos are no different! Growing up is hard, but just be persistent like a baby flamingo! You got this!”

Video – YouTube

According to, Nature Knows

(Photo & Video right to original owner)



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