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A cute mischievous baby elephant is looking for a girl’s trunk to play with! (With Video)

Little animals are really cute! And innocent!

Baby animals’ cute looks and mischievous behavior will steal anyone’s heart!

This cute baby elephant has been found after falling into a 15 meter pit in a tea garden and being abandoned by its herd. The cub was later transferred to an Indian wildlife rehabilitation center.

The baby elephant was quite distressed by the loss of its family, but under the care of the sanctuary staff, the baby soon got used to them. He spent the whole day happy and playful with the staff!

Currently, the baby elephant is everyone’s favorite and is in the sanctuary with other elephants, where every visitor is amused and pampered.

Guests are also bound to fall in love with this sweet and cute baby!

Like any baby animal, these baby elephants take time to have new experiences and discover new things around them!

The elephant uses its trunk to figure out why the girl’s “proboscis” is so much shorter than its long trunk. Despite the absence of a trunk, the elephant continues to rush with its long nose in search of one!

Despite this cute interest from the baby elephant, the girl seemed to be having a good time laughing and looking for the “trunk”. It was indeed a very interesting sight for the visitors too!

The little elephant must have thought that the girl was an unusually shaped elephant. So the baby elephant believes that she has a trunk like him!

What a cute and wonderful action.

Everyone loved this cute baby elephant with this mischievous act!

Video – YouTube

According to, Lexnau

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