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A forester feeds a hungry female wolf, and two months later, three wolves come to thank him.

During the very cold winter, a mother wolf came close to a forester’s house as she looked for food. It was clear that the wolf was very tired because she walked right up to the cabin without thinking twice. She had nothing to lose, after all.

The forester, Styopa, was initially scared, but when he saw that the mother wolf was hungry, he immediately gave her some meat. He knew how hard it was for animals to find food in the forest in the winter. But the mama wolf came back a few more times after the forester decided to feed her.

Some people in the area were worried about this, but Styopa told them that feeding her was safer than not feeding her.
Unfortunately, the forester and the animal’s friendship ended when the weather got warmer, which made Styopa very sad because he had gotten along so well with the wolf.

At the end of April, the wolf finally came back to see Styopa one more time, but she brought her cubs with her. The wolf seemed to have eaten some meat and taken some to feed her cubs. That’s so cool!

She is a beautiful animal, and she seems very thankful that you probably saved her and her cubs from starving. You can bet that if she ever gets the chance, she will return the favour.

Wolves are also very, very smart… You gambled, and it paid off! Thank you for your love. That doesn’t change. ❤️

You are a great person to care about wolves.. How great that must have been.
Thank you, sir, for allowing the hungry wolf to eat. 🙏🏻❤️

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