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A helpless puppy trapped in a collapsed cave is rescued by construction workers! (With Video)

This puppy of the coyote family was rescued by construction workers after being trapped in the collapsed cave.

“While digging through a pile of bedrock to run through our rock crusher I disturbed a coyote den. On first breaking it open 4 coyotes ran off. Going back for another rock I uncovered this little guy,” writes David Bradley.

“The den had collapsed around him trapping him 5 foot below ground.” “Amazingly enough, even though I couldn’t possibly know that he was there, I didn’t hurt him and when I moved the next rock he was just ‘there’,” explains Bradley.

“I called one of my coworkers over to help dig him out by hand. Beautiful little blue eyed coyote pup. He didn’t’ seem to be afraid of us and actually looked as if he knew we weren’t going to hurt him.” As soon as he was freed the pup ran off to join the rest of his family.

A coyote is a member of the canine (dog) family and although it resembles a wolf, the two are completely different species. Coyotes can be found in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, and they inhabit a variety of ecosystems such as deserts, mountains, and grasslands.

They often live near urban areas, around farms, and in the suburbs of New York and New Jersey. Coyote numbers in the wild are stable and are not considered an endangered species. The coyote is also known as the prairie wolf and the bush wolf.

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