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A kind hearted man buy turtles from the local food market and release them again!

Many wild and aquatic animals in the world can also make a difference in their lives if people save them in time. Or they are used for food in markets.

Aaron Cooling, who lives in Greymouth, New Zealand, is the storyteller. One day he and his friend in Papua New Guinea saved the lives of two sea turtles who were about to be eaten by another.

The two Mawns took the two turtles for less than 40 rupees in the United States, traveled a distance of about 05 kilometers and released them back to their respective waters.

In many countries of the world, it is legal to catch sea turtles in large quantities.. Also in Papua New Guinea, turtles are caught for their meat and shells in the coastal areas.

The two turtles that Aron and his friend rescued were not the first two turtles to be rescued by humans, and turtles have been rescued and released by humans before.

At present, six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are threatened with extinction.

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