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A lovable goose trying to keep the newborn puppy, abandoned on the street, warm!

Love and friendship know no boundaries! It has no difference as humans or animals. Sometimes animals seem to have more sense of these things than humans. Likewise, animals are simply amazing, and there are many examples of love and compassion they can give. This is the same story.

Sometimes, animals become friends with other animals or with their species. They really melt hearts! That’s how attractive they are!

A puppy is abandoned by its mother shortly after birth, and a compassionate goose warms the cub. Some photos of this wonderful heart-melting moment spread across social media. As the weather was very cold, the goose was shivering when he found it. But the goose immediately used its wings to protect the chick from the cold and keep it warm.

The person who uploaded these photos to the Internet thought at first that the goose was going to attack the puppy, but when she started petting him with her beak, he realized her true intention. After a while the puppy fell asleep in his arms.

After the man who took these photos posted them online, both the goose and the puppy were adopted together, so their friendship is in a home environment and they are inseparable.

Such stories in real life can teach us an important lesson. So if you enjoyed this too don’t forget to share with loved ones!

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