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A Loving Mother Lion Who Lovingly Raises And Cares For A Sick Leopard Cub Like Her Own Child!

We all know that lions and leopards are enemies. They compete for shelter and food and therefore they are at odds with each other. But is it believable that a mother lion has decided to raise an orphaned leopard?

This is an extremely rare occurrence but it happened in the Gir National Forest of India. The mother lioness had two cubs of her own, but she made no difference to the poor leopard cub. She treated all the three cubs with equal love. She has a huge heart that a mother should have!

Everyone believed that this extraordinary relationship would not last long. They believed it would only last a day or two, but it lasted a month and a half. The mother lion shared and ate the meat with her cubs including the leopard cub.

According to zoologists, this is the most incredible scenario ever seen. Not only the mother lion but also the new siblings entertain him and follow him up the trees. But unfortunately the leopard cub could not live long!!!

The leopard cub died due to a ‘hernia’ that occurred since birth. But if he were still alive, he might be happy to have a mother who loves him so much, even if they belong to different species! If so, we will all have the opportunity to see a wonderful bond.

So, what a wonderful mother this lioness is! This was a sweet story, but it doesn’t have a happy ending. Hope the little leopard goes to heaven soon!

Animals are often loved more than people!

According to, LEXNAU

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