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A magical moment where a pair of adorable owls cuddle with each other!

Not only humans, animals also tend to spend time with their loved ones whenever they get the chance! But they are rarely caught on camera.

You must have seen these adorable moments of pets like domestic dogs and cats. But it is very rare to see it in its natural habitat.

However, photographer Leslie Arnott managed to capture a magical moment between a pair of owls during their teaching session. He also shared it with us.

“The pair flew together to a wooden branch and started little care on each other. At first, they started to rub their heads and it is quite affectional. Little after the most magical thing happen, one kissed the other one and it happened twice.” Leslie said

The entire team that attended the event was lucky enough to witness this special occasion. It really is a cute and very loving scene!

The cool thing about this is that the pair are sisters and not a breeding pair. It’s really amazing!

‘It was luck as much as skill to catch the split-second moment and I’m very glad I did.’ Leslie said

Don’t forget to share this magical moment with your loved ones!

According to, Zelus365

(photo right to original owner)



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