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A Man Adopts A Bear Cub Who Wandered Into The Village In Search Of Food!

Villagers found a starving little bear cub that came to the village and he lost in the village in search of food. But fortunately, Nikolay, a farmer living there, decided to take the calf to his home. That was because the bear was still a baby.

When he first met this cute little bear, he didn’t know what to do at that time. So he decided to call professionals for it.

Everyone’s idea was to put the bear to sleep or let him go into the wild. But Nikolay didn’t want that at all. He realized that death would soon come to the cub if he did so.

He tried everything with other hunters to find the little bear’s mother, but failed.

The little bear also became a full resident of the city where he got his “passport” to make everything legal. His name was Vasilisa.

The farmer wanted to give the calf one big space to live. That space should have a special section so that the farmer can see it whenever he wants.

So this kindhearted farmer got a new pet and the little bear got a new home. How lucky is that?

According to, Animal Land

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