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A man builds a raft to save the swan’s eggs, which are unfortunately caught in a flood!

Rob Adamson, a British man, has been looking after swans on the River Great Ouse for 10 years.

Also known as the “Swan Man”, he raised orphaned children and built a fence to keep foxes out of the bird’s breeding grounds.

But one day he saw a swan losing its eggs due to an unfortunate flood.

Adamson was paying special attention to her, and he noticed that the tide in the river was rising rapidly. He also noticed that the water was flowing around her eggs very fast.

Acting immediately, this kind-hearted man carried her nest onto a raft and placed it.

“She is the unluckiest swan; I needed to make sure they survived,” he told the BBC.

So he made a makeshift raft out of a plastic crate, tied it to the shore with a rope, and quietly lifted the swan’s nest onto it at night.

“You’re not supposed to interfere, but it had got to the point where they were all going to die,” Adamson said.

“I couldn’t go to bed knowing that. I knew I would regret it if I didn’t do anything to save them.”

The swan and her eggs were still sitting on the nest and Adamson sneakily transferred it to the raft.

“The dad was watching too, but neither of them attacked me. I think they knew it was their best chance.”

Adamson said the cubs are expected to be born later this week. However, the swan eventually becomes a mother for the first time. Until then, he’ll keep an eye on them!

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