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A Man Finds A Dying Bear Cub While Out Hiking And Saves Its Life Despite Risking His Own Life!

Photographer Corey Hancock was hiking a scenic trail in Oregon last Monday night. Halfway through his journey, he saw a three-month-old bear fighting for life and death.

This poor little bear was in very critical condition. Hancock knew he was dying. When he first approached the bear cub, the cub was barely moving. He realized that the cub had been abandoned by the mother bear.

But he didn’t want to leave the bear cub there to die. Although it was uncertain whether the poor calf would live or not, he carried it for more than two miles with the intention of saving the calf.

At one point he even gave him CPR and the bear baby took a breath. He was clearly struggling to breathe.

Hancock took the cub to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon. Fortunately, he is currently recovering from both dehydration and starvation, but he is doing much better now.

But there are many animal experts out there who disagree with Hancock’s decision to save the little bear. According to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations, the little bear’s rescuer could have been fined $6,000 or even jailed for up to a year.

However, Oregon State Police say Hancock will face no punishment for rescuing the little bear. It’s really worth it!

This wonderful story was also posted by photographer Corey Hancock on his Facebook page.

He is truly a hero! We are glad that this hero was not fined or punished in any way! So Hancock, thank you so much for saving the poor bear cub!

Video – YouTube

According to, Nature Knows

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