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A Man Finds Cute Baby Squirrels In A Nest Made By Their Mother On His Bed!

One day a man came home and saw something wonderful in his bedroom. He saw a mother squirrel build a nest of twigs, pine needles and pine cones in his bed for two newborn squirrels. So cute!

Wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael were called to the extraordinary event, where they attempted to reunite the babies with their mother. But she was so busy gathering materials for the nest that she had no intention of taking her babies. Eventually she stopped coming.

Sad thing! It’s unfortunate that one of the pups couldn’t save their life! After a vet’s advice, the other baby is recovering well on its own. So Christina and Michael adopted that cute baby squirrel.

Thumbelina is quite a special child. Due to her unusual birth and the loss of her sister, she had to grow up alone without contact with other squirrels.

Thumbelina was rather slow-witted. Disinterested in jumping and climbing, she walked instead of running and sat instead of climbing.

Although they tried to introduce her to other squirrels, she never wanted to join them. “I don’t know what she was thinking, but certainly not a squirrel,” said one of her owners. Thumbelina is a happy squirrel who spends her time in peace.

She likes sweet peas, arugula and avocados but hates going outside, the cold, other squirrels and vacuum cleaners. However she is very cuddly and loving.

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