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A Photographer Captures ‘Intimate Moments’ Of Mother Polar Bear Cuddling Her Cubs!

A mother is the best protector a child can have! There is nothing like a mother’s love. So this mother polar bear protects her cubs and pampers them! Inclusive deserve their own space and a peaceful life!

Photographer Paul Goldstein was on an eight-day visit to the Canadian territory of Nunavut. There he had a special encounter with a mama polar bear and her cubs on Baffin Island, famous for its year-round polar bear population. So he captured the moment on camera.

Mama Bear always watched her babies closely. It was a miraculous moment for Goldstein. What a beautiful family.

Baffin Island has a population of about 2,800 polar bears. Polar bear cubs usually stay with their mother for two and a half to three years. During that time, she teaches them everything they need to thrive and this includes hunting, swimming and feeding…!

This is a beautiful sight to behold! A loving mother holds protective care and warm kisses for her cubs. Mom shows you how much she loves her babies…!

Such beautiful creatures, we must do everything we can to protect them!

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According to, Lexnau

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