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A playful elephant climbs a 5-foot wall because of a mango!

Elephants are considered to be very intelligent creatures. But giant mammals are not known for their speed.

Tourists at Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park have witnessed an unbelievable and hilarious sight.

These tourists have seen an adult elephant easily climb over a 5-foot wall to steal some mangoes from the safari lodge. The wall was somewhat shaky, but the gamer’s mango-stealing journey went unnoticed. However, he did not cause any damage to the wall.

Visitors to the lodge were amused to hear about an elephant climbing the wall. They wondered if it would be a problem to climb over such a high wall and enter it. The other thing is that he is a stranger. He wanted to make a thorough investigation about this and enter the central area where this huge mango tree grows.

The easiest way for him to get to that central area was to climb over this high wall. He also realized that it was indeed unusual behavior for an elephant to climb so high.

He used his wisdom, intelligence in an interesting and meaningful way, he got what he wanted and got out again, but the climbing of this wall by elephants is an unimaginable thing.

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