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A Random Sighting Of A Playful Baby Seal Scaring A Cute Polar Bear Cub! (With Video)

Nature is often amazing and beautiful. This picture, taken by a BBC filming crew, shows a baby seal making a cute polar bear smile! It’s really cute!

Halfway through their trip from the Svalbard Islands to the North Pole, their group encountered an unexpected and hilarious moment. Immediately upon reaching the Endless Glacier.

A mother polar bear followed her two cubs to learn about hunting from their mother. She hoped that her two cubs would develop their hunting skills just like their mother, but the mother bear’s hopes were quickly dashed when one of the cubs failed her first lesson.

However, they could see that the cub was more determined than ever to get its own dinner, but when the bear cub spotted a seal cub through the ice ahead, it fell back onto its mother’s back in fear. The kid clearly didn’t expect it…!

It’s such a cute scene! Like the babies of any species, bear cubs are cute, and so are baby seals. How innocent childhood was…maybe next year when the bear hunted he would remember Seal and set him free.

This is truly one of the most beautiful things ever seen…! Definitely worth it!

Watch the beautiful moment here: YouTube

According to, Nature Knows

(Photo & Video right to the original owner)



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