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A Rat Was A Best Friend To A Depressed Rescue Dog!

Riff The Rat and Osiris are a rat and a dog who became best friends despite their big differences. Their friendship is a true friendship.

Riff Rat, who appeared to be dying, was rescued when he was only four weeks old. After being abandoned in a parking lot, he was rescued by Osiris. Osiris also helped Riff Rat to recover.

Osiris was only supposed to stay with his family for a short time, but they fell in love with him and decided to keep him forever.

Osiris’s family always worried that Osiris and Riff Rat’s incompatibility would cause trouble for Riff.

Soon they are so close that Osiris often allows Riff to clean his teeth in his mouth. This is a very cute moment.

But sometimes Osiris’s family were afraid that Osiris would eat Riff, but it never happened because Osiris cared for a large number of animals, and Osiris was the best dog they ever met.

The way they treat each other and have such an unexpected friendship conveys many messages to us humans.

Glad they became such good friends. This is so precious and unexpected!

According to, Lexnau

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