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A rescued baby fox cuddles with her plush bunny toy (With Video)

Like children, small animals also like to play. So these heartwarming photos show a similarly playful abandoned fox cub.

The bond between him and his best friend, the toy rabbit, is so cute.

This two-week-old, bushy-tailed-puggle was found abandoned in a back garden in north London. The cub was found abandoned by his family.

He was handed over to the National Fox Welfare Society and since then the orphaned youth has been fostered under them. There he befriends a very cute fellow, an old rabbit toy. He has also developed a wonderful bond with it.

The pair are now never apart and spend hours together cuddling and playing outdoors.

But by summer, he will be strong enough to go out into the wild on his own. Then the society will ‘soft release’ him along with a group of other orphaned foxes.

But doubt he would want to part with this wonderfully cute bond!

A spokesperson said: ‘Through soft release the cubs will, as is the case for natural wild fox cubs eventually disperse in search of a territory and a mate of their own. ‘So everything is done to try to make the release program as natural as possible and to mirror what would be happening in the wild in the same period.’

Video – Facebook

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