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A super mother goose that takes care of 47 babies at the same time!

She is amazing! Super Mom of the Year! Looks like she’s in charge of a nursery school!

Digout, who lives in Saskatoon, Canada, saw this wonderful family of geese while sitting on the banks of the Saskatchewan River. This caring Canadian goose takes care of a large family of 16 geese!

He began to go to the river every night in search of this unusual family, which caught Digout’s special attention. The number of baby geese is so impressive that no one can take their eyes off them.

Every time Mother Goose was seen, her flock of geese seemed to grow a little more. That was until the number of geese increased from 16 to a staggering 47 in one night!

Digout photographed the incredible sight of these incredible geese swimming. He shared photos of this amazing mother and her babies on Facebook.

Mother geese have large numbers of offspring due to “gang brooding” where two or more pairs of goose parents combine their families and decide to raise their young together. That is, the mother goose basically looks after a large number of baby geese while the parents rest. It’s like she’s in charge of a kindergarten!

Everyone is cuddly like one big happy family! They sleep together! Mother geese care for their chicks until they form their own families and move away.

Mother Goose is really great!

Hope all goes well with her and those beautiful little ones.

According to, Lexnau

(Photo right to original owner)



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