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A Turtle Known As Golden Flapshell Or “Grilled Cheese” Has Been Discovered In India

A golden tortoise was recently discovered in India. These golden-colored turtles are a common species of turtle in South Asia, and its unique coloration has been seen several times in the region. It is believed to be caused by albinism, which causes animals to turn white. But not this time.

Yellow variants of the Indian flapshell turtle (Lissemys punctata) – which typically are brown with yellow spots and a creamy white underside – have been discovered a handful of times over the years in various parts of South Asia, where it is one of the most common aquatic turtle species.The genetic anomaly doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it tends to stand out.

Although these species are not common, their coloring allows them to survive in the wild for long periods of time. They live in colors like a slice of cheese, a slab of butter, bananas, sun, egg yolks and daffodils. So they can mix with anything in nature and always attract attention.

Very often, these golden creatures are ‘rescued’ from their natural habitats and relocated to new areas or placed in captivity.

According to, Nature Knows & Science Alert

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