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Abandoned Pitbull Dog Is Overjoyed To Have A New Family Again! (With Video)

Dogs are very sensitive and loving animals and they are caring compared to humans. They love their master very much and are the best friends a man can have.

This abandoned pit bull, which has had a significant psychological impact on her and has led her to believe that she is unworthy of affection. So this pitbull was very happy to be adopted and to find a forever home full of love and kindness.

Luckily for Maggie, loving couple Mary and Mark McCraw decided to adopt a new puppy after losing their previous dog, Mischka, to cancer. At the Pitties From Heaven Rescue Center in South Carolina, Maggie meets the new family who decide to adopt Maggie into their family when they first meet her.

Maggie ran up to her new father and hugged and kissed him like an old friend. They could not resist such a beautiful affection.

The person who raised Maggie claims she is the most loving dog ever. Dogs can sense when a person genuinely cares about them. I hope every dog ​​gets that kind of love!

Bless the lovely couple for adopting him, loving him and giving him a forever home! Thank God!!!

Video – YouTube

According to, LEXNAU

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