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Adorable And Senior Seal Received A Giant Ice And Fish Cake For His 31st Birthday

Yulelogs, the adorable seal, recently celebrated his 31st birthday. So he wanted to make it a day to remember for all his friends. This beautiful birthday boy got the best gift a Seal could ask for in life. Do you know what that is? A special birthday cake made of ice and fish!

On average, male gray seals are unlikely to live past 25 years, but Yulelogs is still an energetic, happy and feisty senior. He is still in good health. In 1989, where the seal was a pup he was taken to a marine park. He lived in the park for many years as part of their exhibit on gray seals.

Four years later, the park decided to close the exhibit and they release the Yulelogs into the wild. Since 1993, Yulelogs have briefly lived in the wild at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary in Cornwall, England.

Due to spending so much time in captivity, he was never prepared to take care of himself later. He is used to the people who entertain him. They started chasing the men holding the buckets on the beach. He thought the buckets were full of delicious fish. Their behavior was reported to the RSPCA and in response they were immediately contacted by the seal sanctuary.

About three months later, the Yulelogs visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and have been happily eating fishes ever since. It can be seen that he is very fond of the comfortable life of the sanctuary there.

Yulelogs was very happy with the wonderful fish birthday cake he received on his birthday. He smiled as wide as he could and responded with joy and excitement.

That birthday cake was a delicious treat for him. Yulelogs had an absolute blast figuring out how to get access to the delicious fish. “It’s a great way to enrich him too, as he needs to think a bit about how to get the fish out of the cake!” A staff member at the sanctuary explained to The Dodo.

However, it is sure to be the best birthday gift Yulelogs can give. We’re sure he’s already looking forward to next year’s birthday celebration too!

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