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Adorable Mother Duck Takes Her Ducklings On A Trip To The Same Nursing Home Annually!

As we learn more about animals, it turns out that many of them have high intelligence, behavior, and emotions that boggle our minds. But someone joked that this cute story is like a new episode of “Duck Adventures” every year!

That’s because the annual visit of the ducks has become a special tradition for the residents of this building! The folks at the nursing home are also now used to the visits of this mother duck and Ducklings and she knows they need cute visitors!

This mother duck will be bringing her chicks here to say hello to her old friends here at a nursing home in upstate New York! She walks through the main hall of the MM Ewing Routine Care Center. What’s even more special is that all the current residents come out of their rooms to cheer on the ducks during their visit.

Ducklings also do not forget to greet them. The entire population of the building joins in supporting the ducks’ journey. If the crowd seems to be going astray, they even put up old signs to gently guide them, and the mother duck guides her chicks in the right direction. Finally they end the tour by walking out through an open door at the end of the hallway.

They enthusiastically led the parade to ensure that no ducklings were left behind!

The mother duck knows that she and the chicks are safe here, so she comes back! How confident is that? how cute Bless her and her ducklings, and the residents shall have a day when she and her babies visit them.

I am sure the residents enjoy this annual parade as much as the duck family too. Are you looking forward to the annual migration of these beautiful ducks too? Is there anyone who doesn’t love them?

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