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After a 20-hour rescue mission, a 10-ton giant whale is released back into the water!

A huge whale was recently washed ashore in Ningbo, south of Shanghai, China.

The whale was about 65 feet long and weighed about 10 tons. After a 20-hour rescue operation, the whale was released back into the water. If it was not put back in the water in time, it would have perished from dehydration.

Whales normally breathe oxygen like land animals, but they need water to prevent overheating.

Moreover, beached whales are also at risk of collapsing under their weight or drowning if their blowholes are covered by high tides.

However, a rescue team was dispatched by the firemen and they were eventually successful. But it was not an easy task.

With the help of volunteers, they sprayed water on the whale’s 20-meter body. Also, a seawater trench pool was built to keep it alive.

After the rescue team tied the whale with ropes, it was dragged to shallow water.

Additionally, a tugboat was deployed to move the whale further out to sea when the tide reached its peak at around 10pm.

After several desperate attempts, rescue crews released the whale into the deep sea at 5.30am on Wednesday.

Local media authorities captured the process of successfully releasing the creature. After a successful operation, the whale was seen swimming away at dawn.

According to, Kingdomstv

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