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An adorable encounter between a cute deer and a little girl! (With Video)

Little children and animals are very fond of each other! There is always a special relationship between children and animals. They become fast friends. So are these two little friends. Sometimes the sanctity of children makes them afraid of animals and befriend them!

This story is between a little child and a cute baby deer. The Herring family was packing up their car after a canoe trip when they saw a fawn coming toward them. But the fawn comes to their daughter, Maya.

But although both of them seemed shy at first meeting, the little fawn bravely walked up to her and greeted her with a light touch. Maya was soon amused by the cub’s cuteness and she started to get close to the cub too!

They quickly become close friends, And Maya decides to show Fawn around!

Maya’s mother reminded that it was time to say goodbye to these two wonderful cuties. They had fun together until her mother reminded her that her new little friend needed to go home because it was dark too.

Random encounters add a lot of memories to our lives! So this sweet encounter may be one of Maya’s most memorable memories!

Their friendship is truly priceless!

God bless them!

Video – YouTube

According to, Lexnau

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