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An Elephant Who Is Unlucky To See The Light Of Day Has A Wonderful Friend To Help!

Having a loving friend is a blessing not only for a human but also for an animal! So a blind elephant like that also has a wonderful friend and even gets help from the friend to take him to the food. So such caring animals, man can learn a valuable lesson!

Ploy Thong was rescued from a labor camp, and despite his condition, they kept him locked up. So he is not lucky enough to see the light of day anymore.

But he was later rescued and taken to the Elephant Nature Park, where he struggled to adjust to his new surroundings. Fortunately there he met a constant companion named Chana, who was indeed very lovely. Every day, she directs Ploy Thong to food and even helps him get food there.

Chana seems to be aware of her friend’s wishes and she understands Ploy Thong very well. That’s why it helps him a lot. Elephants are said to be intelligent and compassionate animals not only to humans but to many other species. This is a good example of that.

According to Lek Chailert, founder of the Save the Elephant Foundation. After watching the video and appreciating the elephant’s magnanimity, thousands of people have been moved by it.

Humans are highly intelligent compared to these animals, but we have a lot to learn about empathy from their actions! This wonderful unconditional love and friendship really teaches us all a good lesson! Help others whenever possible! It will surely be a blessing to you!

According to, LEXNAU

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