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An incredible moment when a man sleeps safely in a haystack with four huge bears!

Some pictures are worth a thousand words but simple pictures are. This picture is definitely one of them. No matter how old the pictures are, they are not less valuable.

This amazing photo was captured about five years ago at the Orphan Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York. But its value still remains the same.

The man in that picture is Jim Kowalczik. He and his wife, Susan Kowalczik, are co-founders of the Orphan Wildlife Center. They became licensed wildlife rehabilitators in 1996. But their center officially started its operation in 2015. That was after they rescued an injured black bear.

Many more orphaned bears have since been rescued by this loving couple. Susan had worked with bears all her life so it was normal for her, but at first it was new to Jim. But thanks to his kindness and honesty, he has no problem with it. He also received the love of his bear friends no less.

He keeps an eye on the bears they have rescued every day. Jim Whisen bathes them, feeds them and doesn’t forget to play with them. Somehow when he gets kind of tired, they get together for a quick nap. They really appreciate each other like a real family.

In the picture you can see Jim and four Syrian bears, Maddy, Judy, Jenny and Amy, sleeping safely in a pile of hay.

When thinking about bears, sleeping with them is often a risky move. But the bears here seemed really nice.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time Jim slept with his giant friends, and it obviously wouldn’t be the last.

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