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An incredible moment when the lion gets on a bus full of people to seeking cuddles and attention!

Not only humans but also animals are deeply in love with love and companionship. No matter how fierce an animal becomes tame in the presence of love!

When we think of lions, the first thing that comes to our mind is a fierce and terrifying animal! As we have heard they are a majestic and proud animal. Not a cute animal.

But this is different. One day, a little lion named Filya boarded a bus full of tourists and requested cuddles.

Although we think of them as a very aggressive animal, this lion is different! But don’t believe that every lion will be like that!

He showed no aggression as he approached the vehicle and was allowed to board.

He then proceeded to lick a few tourists, rubbing his face as if to show affection. He just wanted to be loved like kittens beg for love.

In the video, you can see the tourists on the bus playing and petting Filya.

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According to, Kingdomstv

(Photo right to original owner)



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