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An Innocent Albino Baby Elephant Made An Incredible Recovery After Being Rescued From A Poacher’s Trap After 4 Days

Baby elephants are so cute and innocent animals…they are very intelligent and very human friendly giants. He has big bright eyes and those eyes are full of innocent love.

But some hunters also chase these cute animals and try to hunt them down. Some chicks can wait for some help and they get released but others are not so lucky.It’s sad.

This is about the young brave albino baby elephant. This baby elephant was different from others because he was blessed with albino and pink skin. He was rescued by volunteers from Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development (HERD) after being trapped in a poacher’s trap in a private reserve near the border of South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The calf was immediately taken to the sanctuary and treated for injuries.

This innocent baby elephant was trapped for 4 days. Because of this, he was in a very weak physical condition and the trap was wrapped around his face, causing deep wounds all over his mouth, face and ears. The most serious thing was that the poor baby elephant suffered a lot because of the maggots that started eating the open flesh. Very sad.

but, According to Sue Howells, the elephant looked very innocent, fragile and pure, but it seemed very brave.

Fortunately, the baby elephant has now made a big recovery and is in good health. Very happy and healthy now. According to Sue Howells, the baby elephant is very strong. He is indeed luckier than other cubs because he saved his life.

So we are happy that somehow the baby elephant survived and we wish the calf all the happiness in its future life.

According to, Nature Knows

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