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Another Endangered Tiger Cub Lost To Toronto Zoo, Ten Days After First One Died!

On May 21, the Toronto Zoo expressed their sorrow over the tragic loss of a tiger cub (small) born on April 30, 2021.

The mother of the dead tiger, Mazyria, an Amur tiger, gave birth to two cubs, but one cub died of severe liver damage. It was saddening news for her to know that the other of the two was small and only one child was left.

Although zoo staff took care of the other remaining cub, they failed to gain weight. The tests carried out by the zoo’s medical team confirmed that the cub was suffering from a severe heart disease.

A CT scan of the cub revealed a hole in the main chamber of her heart, which had damaged her lungs and heart. In addition, a major blood vessel was coming from the wrong side of the organ. These complications were too complex to resolve.

But to everyone’s dismay, the other cub, who was fighting the disease, died on Friday. On the same day, the zoo reported in their Facebook post that she was killed ‘humanely’.

Amur Tiger is listed as one of the endangered species. In the 1940s, there were only 40 Amur tiger cubs in the world. Thanks to their breeding, their population is currently around 450 tigers.

These Amur tigers are found only in some parts of Russia and China. Conservationists should be very concerned about the population of this species, which will continue to decrease in the future.

Scientists have suggested that Amur Tigers should live in captivity to increase their population and increase their lifespan.

After the loss of the two cubs, the zoo said it is closely monitoring the third Amur tiger cub, named Mazy. She is healthy and growing well at the moment.

We hope she grows up healthy and safe without any trouble!

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