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Auckland Zoo welcomes four rare Galápagos tortoise hatchlings!

Galapagos tortoises can be known as one of the world’s largest tortoise species. Male tortoises here weigh 250 kg and female tortoises weigh 150 kg.

Many zoos and animal organizations are working very hard to protect this species of turtles and engage in individual projects. Auckland Zoo is also enthusiastically involved in supporting these projects.

The arrival of four rare Galápagos tortoise hatchlings earlier this year was a source of great joy at the zoo. They hatched in a climate-controlled incubator, where they hatched safely and healthily.

The weight of the heaviest of the four litters is 88 grams. It is indeed a happy thing to celebrate. Chippy, the turtle’s mother, gave birth to the babies last October.

The arrival of this rare species is not only a huge effort from Auckland Zoo, but also with enormous support from the Galápagos Tortoise Conservatory and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

The newborn baby turtles are not yet on public display. That’s because they are still small cubs. They will thrive in a small habitat with beds of fresh grass and an outdoor area. Zoo staff want them to get enough vitamin D3 during the day and stay safe at night.

The chicks were given straw, leaves and flowers that were reserved for small tadpoles. Don McFarlane, Ectotherms team leader at Auckland Zoo, says the hatchlings prefer colorful and sweet foods such as bright hibiscus flowers and grated carrots, so they mix these foods with hay to whet the turtle’s appetite.

When these young hatchlings grow strong and in excellent health, they are sent to Galápagos tortoise habitats to join their parents.

However, due to the loss of tortoise habitat and killing them for food, this rare species is highly endangered.

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