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Baby Clydesdale Steals The Spotlight At His Mom’s Show!

We have often seen plenty of unexpected events on TV or news and shows. However, the behavior of an unexpected visitor like this baby Clydesdale puts a smile on everyone’s face.

But this little horse didn’t want the show’s attention. And the beautiful moment was captured in a video that has amassed over a million views on YouTube.

Whenever cute animals interrupt a show, it’s bound to win people’s hearts.

The clip starts with a team of Clydesdales running up and down a dirt field as the audience was watching them from above. The massive horses seemed to be very professional with their performance.

The show was about to reach its climax. But suddenly something wonderful happened. Amazingly, a cute baby Clydesdale appeared on the field. The little horse looked a little confused.

One of the horses in the field turned out to be the foal’s mother and he wanted to join mom and her friends. He didn’t want to steal anyone’s attention, but in the end he managed to completely steal the show and win people’s hearts.

But the mother horse had no time for her child. She continued to perform.

Video – YouTube

According to, Aubtu

(Photo right to original owner)



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