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Bear cubs hold hands and wait for their mom to return from hunting for dinner!

Some of the pictures are so cute!

This is a wonderful photo of “BEARY” cubs waiting for their mother to bring dinner. This pair of bear cubs holding hands is definitely a sight to behold.

This is an incredible photo accidentally caught on camera by 62-year-old California-based wildlife photographer Lewis Kemper.

A mother never leaves her children alone. She sacrifices her life anyway to protect her children!

Why are these two cute bear cubs holding hands? Maybe they are praying for the best catch of their mother’s life.

The photographer was in Clark National Park when he saw this beautiful scene. Two cubs held each other’s hands to watch as Uncle Bear tried to bring dinner.

They stay for protection until the mother returns.

He said the two bears held hands for about 20 seconds, hoping their mother would bring them dinner, but “unfortunately” she returned without the fish.

Bears like to eat fish, but most of them are omnivores. In fact, they mainly eat a lot of plants and grass.

This is really cute and undeniably beautiful!

It’s one of the most precious wildlife photos I’ve ever seen! It is really very beautiful.

According to, Lexnau

(Photo right to original owner)



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