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Beautiful wild kittens with bright blue eyes are born at the Siberian Zoo!

According to a July 18 post on Russian social media network, three kittens were born at the zoo in Novosibirsk, Siberia, along with 16 beautiful wild kittens earlier this month, the zoo said.

“This year, last month, three females gave birth, the first one on June 1, 2020, the second one on June 7, the third one on June 11,” Tatyana Pevneva, head of the International Cooperation Department at Novosibirsk Zoo, told Zenger News.

One female has three kittens, another has five kittens, and a third has eight kittens.

Pallas cats (Otocolobus manul) are born with bright blue eyes, but they gradually turn green and then turn yellow. “Currently, the kittens are still very small. They are too small to assess their future fate,” Pevneva said. “Their development is closely monitored by zoologists and veterinarians.”

Since 1995, the Palace’s cats have been in the Novosibirsk Zoo and they distribute kittens to zoos thanks to the international and European conservation program. There are also descendants of these Pallas cats living in Novosibirsk in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain.

“According to WWF data, there are currently about 12,000 Pallas’s cats living in the wild in Russia. By the end of 2019, there were 30 Pallas’s cats living in captivity in Russian zoos,” Pevneva said. Zoo workers said the kittens will be leaving the shelter for a short time. However, they added that the cubs are in good health.

But this species has a high mortality rate and it is difficult to breed them in captivity. These animals live in rocky deserts and semi-arid regions from Central Asia to Mongolia. But it is believed to be endangered due to habitat loss and hunting for fur.

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