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“Calm Down, Deer…” After losing her cubs, a lioness raises a baby antelope!

Given how rare this is to occur, it may make for a spectacular show. A lioness who has lost her cubs to predators is seen comforting a young, helpless springbok. The photographer’s emotions will be everywhere during this beautiful moment.

Gordon Donovan, a photographer on assignment in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, captured these incredible images of the mighty beast taking in the helpless calf.

Given the natural order, he first expected the lioness to come and kill the baby. What occurred, however, showed that he was mistaken. The lioness held the antelope in her arms, combing it and comforting it as best she could. She defended the springbok with the fierce determination of a mother who had already lost cubs.

The adopted calf may have interpreted her gaze as, “Don’t worry, deer… Don’t worry, and I’m not a dangerous man. You’re out of harm’s way now.

The image amazed Mr Donovan: “It was a bizarre yet stunning sight to behold. I was excited about the lions, and when she captured the springbok I was waiting for the kill.”

“But it never came and started cleaning the calf. That’s the mysterious way of nature, never knowing what will happen next,” he added.

Though it’s more commonly associated with power and severity, nature may still be adorable. This lioness’s tender moment with her cub deer is the definition of “wonderful motherhood” and will surely win many’s hearts.

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