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Caught on camera, the affection of a loving mother bear and her cub!

There is nothing greater for parents than their children.

It is believed that animals do not have feelings, but this is not the case. They have better emotions than some people.

The playful little brown bear was seen cuddling and kissing his mother as she spent some fun bonding time with her. The unfortunate news is that the cub recently lost his only two siblings.

A mother bear always shows unconditional love to her cubs.

Photographer Stefan Meyers spent a week observing the mother and cub, observing them for between six and eight hours a day to capture his incredible images.

They also often went down to a small lake to swim and play.

A mother bear is constantly working to be a good mother to her cubs.

It’s amazing how animals take care of their loved ones. Animals do it better than humans.

The little bear cub is so cute that he gives his mother a kiss to show that he loves her.

God has created all creation and He has placed His sign in it. It was a sign of love.

God bless them and all mothers always!

According to, Lexnau

(Photo right to original owner)



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