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Cute calf born on ‘Valentine’s Day’ with beautiful “Heart-Shaped” mark on forehead!

A very cute calf born in Ireland on Valentine’s Day should be named ‘VALENTINE’ indeed. How precious is the wonderful mark on his forehead? What a beautiful baby!

The cute calf was a female and the opportunity arose to name the baby. The owner of the farm was prepared for it, but thanks to her appearance, she became a star. Won the hearts of many!

Although white spots on the skin of cattle are common, this heart-shaped mark is very rare. So she was different from all the other chicks.

The farmer asked his three children to come up with a name for the calf, but they couldn’t think of one. They were playing with the calf. The three children always have a warm heart for her!

All children should be taught to love and be kind to animals! Please let this beautiful calf live happily ever after.

This beautiful cute baby is truly a wonderful creation of nature! Protect it with love!

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According to, Lexnau

(Photo right to original owner)



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