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Cute Rescue Puppy With Ears That Look Like Little Cinnamon Rolls

The special feature of this cute puppy, who was abandoned at around two weeks old, is the wonderful cinnamon roll ears that she was born with. That’s why they named her Cinnamon.

Deane, president of the Pitt Sisters, a dog rescue organization in Georgia, was surprised to see one of the spiked pups curl up inside.

Found in a public shelter, alone, the cubs were all emaciated and infested with worms, so they might have escaped from the home of an uncaring owner.

They were only 5 weeks old but they were not properly cared for.

All of her siblings had large, pointed ears as usual, but not Cinnamon. So she really stood out.

Deane said: “I’ve never seen a dog with ears like hers. Everyone can’t believe how adorable she is… she’s even cuter in person!”

Her cute face has been shared all over the internet, and many people have come forward to adopt her and her siblings, but among them, cinnamon has garnered the most attention.

She seems to be very aware of her specialty…but she really gets along well with other dogs. Such a sweet puppy! Her ears fit her personality perfectly and are really cute.

She is an extremely adorable little puppy. Her ears seem to be in a tizzy. So, bless her and the people who give her a loving care forever home…!

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