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Develop Humility in Your Life

Humility is something that we seek daily and strive to demonstrate every single day. After reading this article, you’ll have a better understanding of why we humility is important.
I believe there are two main characteristics of being humble. First, you recognize that everything you have, including your successes, comes from God. Second, you put others before yourself. These characteristics are easy to recognize but difficult for leaders to put into practice.
We need to learn what to do, apply what we learned, and keep applying it so it becomes a part of us. The change is hard to see in the moment. It is only when we (and others) look back over time that we see the change. We have to trust the process.
There can be a lot of confusion that surrounds humility. Often, humility is associated with quietness, submission and thoughts of inadequacy.

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5 Ways to Grow in Humility

Study About Who God Is

Humility doesn’t happen without a healthy fear of God. It is not a fear that paralyzes us from living for Him. But it is a fear that acknowledges how great He is and that everything good comes from God. That fear comes as we learn about Him.

(Proverbs 22:4 )
” Humility is the fear of the Lord;
its wages are riches and honor and life.”

Humility Required for Forgiveness

To be forgiven of our sins we need to be humble. Developing humility is a part of the repentance process.
If we humble ourselves, pray and turn away from sin, He will hear our prayers and forgive us.

Be Grateful

Everything we have came from God. Anything we have, by the grace of God, is more than we deserve.
When we are grateful to God for all that we have, we are thinking about Him and not ourselves.

Opens the Door to Truth

To seek God, and His truths, we must become humble. Without humility God will not open the door, and our seeking will be fruitless.
We are warned that when we are proud, vain or seek riches, Heavenly Father is displeased with us. We are foolish in His eyes.

Pray for Humility

All good things come from God. Ask Him to provide you the wisdom and strength you will need on your journey to develop humility in your life. Don’t forget to listen for a response from God. Prayer is a two-way conversation.
Just the acknowledgement that you can’t do it by yourself is a step in the right direction towards humility.

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