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Did You Know That The Baby Barn Owl Looks Like It’s Running In This Photo, But It Really Isn’t?

This cute and adorable photo of a baby barn owl has taken the internet by storm recently. But as soon as anyone sees this photo that has gone viral, all they can think of is a sweet owl acting like he’s late for the most important meeting of his life.

64-year-old Dutch photographer Hannie Heere captured this little Owl learning to fly. The baby owl in this picture, which has been shared online, looks like it is running fast, but as Miss Heere explained, what is actually happening is that the young baby owl is strengthening its muscles.

Although she has been passionate about photography almost her entire life, the 63-year-old photographer from Netherlands has taken it seriously in the last few years.

A few months ago, Hannie was taking some photos outside of town when she spotted a baby owl. There were still white fluffy baby feathers around their nest. So she realized that the baby owls are strong enough to fly only when they are 7-8 weeks old. But until then, the chicks’ legs are strong enough to walk around their nest.

That’s what seems to have happened here. The little Owl ran like that and the perfect moment was captured by the talented photographer. As a result, everyone on Facebook started loving the cute Owl. “I was lying on the floor,” Haney explained to PetaPixel. “Many of these young birds had not yet flown and were not frightened. I took the picture from about 5 to 6 meters [about 16 feet] away.”

The photographer never imagined that this photo she took by accident would become so popular on social media. But beautiful photo. Made waves online. “I was very surprised,” said the woman. It’s really great.

According to, SONYAZ

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