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Dolphins Save A Puppy From Drowning In A Canal In Florida! (With Video)

Dolphins are intelligent animals and they are very friendly. They love to help other creatures and people! Dolphins are also sea guides. You may know many stories about the rescue of sailors by these fishes. But this story is a little different. This time, a punchy Doberman dog got help from this dolphins!

This happened when 11-year-old Turbo ran away from his home in Marco Island, Florida. As the little dog was struggling to stay afloat in the water, luckily, it caught the attention of the dolphins. The dolphins approached the frightened dog and started nudging it with their noses to keep it buoyant.

Some people near the canal saw this little dog struggling to float in the water surrounded by dolphins. The dolphins were protecting the dog from drowning. They did so until they got the attention of people who could assist them in pulling him out of the deep water.

On seeing it, the firemen rushed to the spot and rescued the dog, who said that the dog had been swimming in the water for almost 15 hours. For a land creature, that’s a very long time.

The little cub is really brave. It should be appreciated. And an incredible feat. I admire how these two dolphins cooperated in different ways to keep the dog alive. They are really loving hearts.

We love this video because it makes us cry. (YouTube)

According to, Nature Knows

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