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Elephants Imprisoned In A Circus For 53 Years Are Freed And Reunited With Their ‘Sisters’!

The right to live freely is common not only to humans but also to animals. There are many animals in this world who are not so lucky. Some are freed later. A rescued elephant was lucky to finally be reunited with her ‘sisters’.

For more than 50 years, three elephants have had to perform for the crowds of a circus in India. They had been chained as part of one of the circus acts, but luckily, all of them had the opportunity to be freed again. Two of them have been taken to a wildlife sanctuary and the third has been abandoned.

So she was lucky enough to be reunited with her ‘sisters’ and was able to capture the moment of reunion on camera. Thanks to the dedicated people of Mia, Sita and Rhea at Wildlife SOS – a UK based rescue and wildlife conservation group. They got freedom.

Now all of them are free to roam but rescuing them was not an easy mission. It took months of effort before the volunteer was able to bring the three to the sanctuary. But Mia and Site arrive at the Elephant Conservation and Care Center together, leaving Rhea unsure if she’ll ever see them again. “It breaks our hearts to see Rhea leave,” the group wrote. “But we always knew we would come back for her and fight with all our might to free her!”

But luckily, Wildlife SOS’s efforts finally paid off, and after months of being apart, it was time for Rhea to reunite with her companions.

The three elephants, aged between 45 and 53 years, have bonded with each other through their years of suffering and realized that there was a strong bond between them. However after a journey of almost five days and 1,750 miles, Rhea was once again near her ‘sisters’.

The moment when the three old friends reunited was too beautiful to watch, and it must have made everyone’s heart stop for a moment. It was so heart touching. Kartick Satyanarayan, co-founder of Wildlife SOS, said, “It’s wonderful to witness natural elephant behavior and hear the voices of elephants as they greet each other.”

Now, Mia, Sita and Rhea have a chance to enjoy a life of freedom and happiness, and perhaps most importantly, they will never be separated again!

Watch the touching video of their reunion here: YouTube

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