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Even When The Snow Forces Zoo Is Closed, Their Cameras Capture The Polar Bear During His Lifetime

Visiting the zoo to see all the beautiful animals is a fun and exciting experience for the visitors. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch it from the other side of the glass? It can be frustrating and a bit annoying to have to spend all day with people asking them to do things that animals at the zoo don’t get a day off and pointing at you.

But on very rare occasions like a day when the zoo is closed for visitors, they make sure to live every second there to the fullest. So the polar bear in the video below did the same. The Oregon Zoo where he currently lives has also been closed due to heavy snowfall. But the polar bear really made the most of it, along with several other arctic animals that enjoy the cold and snow.

They were very happy there and had a lot of fun! As you can see from these random footage captured by the zoo staff, the animals really made the most of everything they had to play and have the time of their lives. It’s such a fun scene…

Video – YouTube

According to, Nature Knows

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